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Pryor Technology designs and manufactures the widest range of marking machine products in the United States. 

We offer dot peen, laser, scribe, and chemical etching marking machines, as well as a full range of traditional handtools, and a full turn key service for custom-built marking solutions.

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Pryor Technology Laser Machines

Laser Marking

The most versatile method for permanent marking different materials.
Pryor Technology Dot Peen Machines

Dot Peen

Pryor Dot Peen marking machines are available in all formats from fully portable to floor standing workstations.
Pryor Technology Scribe Machines


Scribe marking machines are used for mechanically engraving a wide range of different materials.
Pryor Technology Chemical Etching Machines

Chemical Etching

A permanent marking solution for parts with strict surface treatment requirements.

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Pryor Marking Machines

The World has never stood still, products have constantly changed and the methods for identification and marking; for everything from pure branding to essential statutory information, have had to keep up.

As we move headlong through the last quarter of our second century, Pryors have amassed an enviable archive of methods and experience to deal with any requirement.

That history is also the bedrock all our new innovations stand upon.

You want to mark metals without loss of material volume or integrity?

You want the best marking technology for permanence without destruction or distortion?

You want to ensure consistency and quality from start to finish of a run – even when the mark has to change through serialisation of product or individual component identification?

Pryors have all the most usable technologies, in the most practical formats, from fully portable to fixed bench and floor standing options.

Our aim is to give you the confidence this part of your production is taken care of.

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