Extra Face Masks

Pryor supplies a range of face masks (also often referred to as guards, covers and face plates) for the PortaDot range of marking machines. It is incredibly easy to switch between face masks for different marking applications including marking on flat and curved surfaces.

All product options are in the technical data section below.

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Please find all product options in the technical data section.

The flat mask (also referred to as guard, plate and cover) for the PortaDot 50-25 (PortaDot with a 50 x 25mm marking window) provides extra stability when marking flat surfaces. As the face mask is manufactured from clear plastic, visibility is maintained, allowing the user to accurately position the stylus for precise marking. The anti-slip rubber pad also prevents slipping when marking.

The V masks provide stability when marking curved surfaces. Pryor supplies V masks for the PortaDot 50-25, the PortaDot 130-30 (PortaDot with a 130 x 30mm marking window) and the PortaDot 100-75 (PortaDot with a 100 x 75mm marking window). Like the flat mask, these have anti-slip rubber pads to prevent accidental movement and assist in creating a crisp, even mark.

Pryor also supplies an Extended Face Mask for the PortaDot 50-25 that enables uses to access difficult to reach marking areas.

Technical Data


 V Mask Curvature Diameters

Flat Mask


0 – 40

40 – 180

180 – 400

Extended Face Mask











V Mask for PortaDot 50-25:

  • Construction – Clear Polycarbonate
  • Recommended curvature maximum diameter for best results – 180mm

V Mask for PortaDot 130-30:

The V feature for the PortaDot 130-30 has been designed into the standard mask. The V’s are along 2 axes, the X and Y axes.

  • Construction – Aluminium
  • Recommended curvature maximum diameter for best results – 230mm

V Mask for PortaDot 100-75:

  • Construction – Steel
  • Recommended curvature maximum diameter for best results – 400mm

Extended Face Mask for PortaDot 50-25

  • Construction –
    • Clear Polycarbonate mask
    • Steel fingers
    • Removable rubber tips
  • Finger dimensions
    • Length: 4.0mm
    • Diameter: 13.0mm
  • Distance between fingers – 51.0mm
  • Please note that this mask must be fitted with a new nosepiece, stylus and spring. To purchase the complete kit, please visit the product page for the Extended Face Mask.

We recommend you only use Pryor guaranteed spare parts.