Extruded Aluminum T-Slot Base

Pryor supplies a General Purpose T-slotted table and a Heavy Duty T-slotted table for securing your workpiece when marking. These accessories are ideal for use on a BenchDot, a BenchDot Deep Pneumatic, or a BenchScribe.

  • Prevent unwanted and accidental movement of components when marking
  • Allows for accurate marking of more complex shaped components
  • Easier to secure workpieces


Pryor supplies a Heavy Duty T-slotted table and a General Purpose T-slotted table. The Heavy Duty T-slotted table is able to support heavier loads and is generally also the more durable option. The General Purpose T-slotted table is made from extruded aluminium. It has more t-slots to enable you to secure your components in different positions.

Technical Data

Material: Aluminium


General Purpose:
361.2mm (W) x 264mm (D) x 15mm (H). T-slot centres are 45mm apart and centre gap 68.7mm.

Heavy Duty:
340mm (W) x (260mm (D) x 24mm (H). T-slot centres are 158.8mm apart and 90.6mm from the edge.

T-slot dimensions:

General Purpose:
Width at narrowest point – 10mm
Width at widest point – 20.1mm
Depth – 12.5mm

Heavy Duty:
Width at narrowest point – 10mm
Width at widest point – 16mm
Depth – 14.3mm