Base & Column Mount

Pryor’s Column and Base allows handheld marking machines to be mounted securely and used as bench top marking devices.

  • Use handheld marking devices as benchtop machines
  • Ensure consistent quality and mark location
  • Ideal when marking many different types of part


Mounting a PortaDot machine onto a Column and Base ensures quality and consistency of both the mark created and of the mark location. Using a Column and Base provides the flexibility to use your portable marking device for marking not only large, heavy and immobile parts, but also for marking small to medium sized components, such as nameplates or labels. It is an ideal solution when marking a wide variety of parts.


  • Compatible with PortaDots with the following marking window areas: 50 x 25 and 130 x 30
  • Construction: Steel frame, aluminium base
  • Dimensions: 691 (H) x 259 (W) x 333 (D)




Daylight (mm)

Min. 45

Max. 350

Min. 0

Max. 285