Electric Z Axis with Autosense (EZA)

Upgrade your BenchDot with a motor driven Z-axis and introduce the Autosense feature for part height detection.

The EZA upgrade is available on all electric BenchDot machines, it can be selected at the time of placing an order but is also available as a retrofit kit.

The standard BenchDot is supplied with manual Z-axis control which means the operator is responsible for setting the ‘offset distance’ which is a key factor in controlling mark quality (The offset distance is the gap between the stylus and the part during the marking cycle). If the marking head needs to be moved, to load the part for example, this could mean that the operator has to set the offset for every single mark. The EZA upgrade introduces an Autosense feature so that the stylus detects the part height and then ‘backs off’ a pre-defined distance using the motor driven axis. For applications where mark quality and repeatability are important, this a recommended upgrade. For applications that require validation or verification of the marked data, this is must.

Please note: The Autosense function of the EZA upgrade is not compatible with the Deep Pneumatic version. The electric Z-axis function is compatible.

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