Marking and Verification Station

Pryor’s Marking and Verification Station is an all-in-one system for part marking and traceability. Widely used across the aerospace industry as a turn key solution for meeting the stringent aerospace standards. Includes the BenchDot marking machine, pre-configured with the Electric Z Axis with Autosense (EZA) upgrade and Pryor’s MarkMaster Quality software, this equipment provides the starting point for applications where quality, consistency and traceability are paramount. The equipment is fully compatible with Pryor’s range of vision system that are used for validation and verification and is supplied with Pryor’s VeriSmart 2.1 verification camera as standard

  • All-in-one system for marking and data capture
  • Ensures that marks meet strict quality standards
  • Fully compatible with our range of vision systems for validation and verification
  • Widely used in the aerospace industry for marking Data Matrix codes
  • The standard machine is supplied with:
    • BenchDot 150-150 or 300-150 with EZA upgrade
    • VeriSmart 2.1 verification camera
    • Pryor’s MarkMaster Quality software pre-installed and configured on the latest Windows 10 PC (includes monitor, keyboard, & mouse)
    • Standard workbench with storage and monitor mounting bracket
    • External E-stop
  • Fully compatible with our range of vision systems


Overall system dimensions – 1723mm (H) x 1420mm (L) x 620mm (D)

Work top height from ground – Approximately 955mm

This system can be set to match the requirements of numerous international standards, including aerospace standards: US Department of Defence (DOD) UID standards, Airline industry’s (ATA, A4A) Spec 2000, AIM-DPM (Automatic Identification and Mobility association’s standard on Direct Part Marking), SAE International’s marking standard AS9132, JES131 and RRES90003. The verification feature checks for any quality escapes before they progress down the manufacturing value stream.